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The Feldenkrais method

Fk LogoFeldenkrais is an intuitive therapy that improves movement and posture. Feldenkrais can help chronic back, neck and shoulder pain; combat sports injuries; improve posture; and relieve tension and stress. Feldenkrais tackles problems at source by bringing awareness and understanding to movement patterns. This allows us to move more comfortably, skillfully and gracefully inspiring greater self-awareness and confidence. It’s invaluable for all those who want to improve the way they use their bodies. Feldenkrais teaches how to become aware of your innate movement patterns which can then help you function more affectively – physically, emotionally and mentally. Feldenkrais is accepting of physical differences and outcomes.

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Who can benefit?

Feldenkrais works neuromuscularly helping to improve both gross motor skills and sensory awareness. It aids function after injury or damage by neurolgically reconnecting pathways, this can help reduce pain and aid physical rehabilitation. No prior knowledge of the method is necessary, everyone works at their level of ability within their comfort zone. The method is often used to enhance the performance of athletes, dancers, actors and musicians by bringing awareness to movement patterns. Jane’s work can also be particularly relevant to the younger generation who are experiencing rapid physical and mental changes. The classes build physical confidence and will reduce patterns of tension and stress.

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